After 12 years of development in industry and optimisation in leading Universities, The Psychometric Test™ has been proving its value in project leadership:

This is the best psychometric test I have ever used because it is tailored for project management. As such, the results are far more applicable than general psychometric tests. I found The Psychometric Test™ a really effective way of identifying my key strengths and areas for improvement as a project manager. The development ideas and content are very relevant and helpful as a start point for a personal development plan.
John Boakes, Senior Project Manager, Nokia UK

The Psychometric Test™ is key for our strategic development. It enables us to efficiently exploit our current skills and pin point our areas for improvement. We actively use the tool to help shape our future staffing needs, positioning our business for maximum growth.
Dean Kavanagh, Programme Director, Geotech International Ltd

In my time at CCE I have done every psychometric imaginable. The Psychometric Test™ was by far the most useful as it is specific to my role as a project manager.
Deborah Smith, Commercialisation Project Manager, Coca-Cola Enterprises

PCMi Limited worked with Project Leaders to integrate the Project Leadership psychometric test on a major global project management development programme which commenced two years ago. PCMi Managing Director, Ian Glenister explains:

"Our client has been delighted with its role-specific design which has enabled focused skills development and resulted in noticeable improvements in project leadership behaviour. The use of psychometric evaluation adds a further dimension to our development programmes and we are increasingly offering this tool as part of outcome focused development".
Ian Glenister, Founder, PCMI Limited

The project management training delivered by Spencer Holmes and Global Project Leaders has been very well received. It has a suitable balance between theory and interactive exercises, and I would be happy to recommend their training to others. It has been a pleasure working with Spencer, who is always very enthusiastic and knowledgeable around the subject matter.
Nick Harrison, Learning & Development Manager, Balfour Beatty

The advice and support provided by Global Project Leaders is inspiring and authoritative. We have significantly enhanced the way we deliver change projects as a direct result. In addition, the learning we gain from GPL is helping us to work on the right things, make them happen and do things well.
Anne Garvey, Programme Management Office, TNT Express