2012 Version 3 of the test undergoes structural checking for reliability and validity (by assessors at Goldsmiths, University of London). Results revealed that the new version is the most reliable yet, with improved reliability in 6 out of the 7 facets.
2011 Version 3 of the test goes live, incorporating all improvements from latest reliability study.
2010 Test exceeds 1,000 users including numerous global corporate clients. Reliability coefficients statistically researched by a psychometrics specialist from Goldsmith’s College, London. Item reliability and test validity further improved.
2009 Launch of the test online at www.ThePsychometricTest.com. Used by project teams in the planning of Olympic buildings for the London 2012 Olympic Games.
2007 2008 Version 2 of the psychometric test completed, integrating the previous 4 years research. 3 workshops for “Profitability through Project Leadership” delivered at the Institute of Directors, London. Tutored by Dr Michael Murray, Strathclyde University. Development of the 5-day Professional Programme – the Project Leadership Challenge plus three 1-day workshops: ‘Profitability through Project Leadership’ ; ‘Risk, Judgement and Decision Making’; ‘Building the Multi-Functional Project Team’.
2006 The 1-day Manchester Project Leadership Forum 2006 opened by Sir Howard Bernstein held at The Bridgewater Hall. Reinforced the 7 Project Leadership facets and 12 attributes.
2005 Development of the Project Leadership Profiler with Nadia Bettega, qualitative researcher. Trialling with industry leaders. Two-hour qualitative interviews assessing the 12 Project Leaders attributes within the context of their individual project environments.

Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic (Bath University followed by Goldsmiths) became lead psychometrician. The start of the pilot process across the industry. The 7 Project Leaders facets were identified as psychometrically feasible and quantitatively assessed. The remaining 12 attributes were suitable for qualitative assessment.

The 1-day London Project Leadership Forum 2005 held at RICS Headquarters, Westminster opened by Professor Adrian Furnham, UCL.

2003 Version 1 of the psychometric test developed using the data generated by the working groups at the Project Leadership Forum 2002. Psychometric design, learning and development was reproduced in an official brochure.
2002 The second 1-day Project Leadership Forum 2002 was held at Reading University chaired by Professor Peter Morris, Professor of Construction and Project Management, The Bartlett, UCL and PM guru. Opening address was given by Professor Colin Gray, Professor of Project Management, MSC Project Management programme, Reading University. The ARG (Action Research Group) grew from this Forum.
2000 2001 Delegates from the Project Leadership Forum 2000 worked on identifying the key attributes of the project leader through a series of workshops. 99 attributes were identified.
2000 The first 2-day London Project Leadership Forum 2000 was a great success and project leadership per se was launched. Delegates included law firms (Linklaters), architectural practices (Fosters), Orange, surveyors (EC Harris), engineers (Ove Arup) Chaired by Dr. Martin Barnes, President, APM and PM guru. The formation of action research groups/ workshops in London from delegates attending the Forum 2000. Rated 100% by Orange.
1998 1999

Early meetings between founder Prudence Clarke with Steve McGuckin, then Director of Consulting at MACE and, together with Bob White (then MD) were enthusiastic and supportive of PCR developing the first project leadership forum to include RICS, RIBA, APM, Reading University et al.

Project leadership helped clients focus on how they made a profit through their projects on an equal value to their architectural capability – hence the embryonic notion -“Profitability through Project Leadership” , projects, people and profits.

Prudence picked up on the use of mixed professions working in discussion groups used at The Project Management Boot Camp – sponsored by the RIBA – delivered by Professor Kasiowski (United States).

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