The 7 facets

The questions asked in The Psychometric Test™ refer to work related-statements, dispositions, beliefs and preferences that represent you in your everyday work environment.
The results display an overall quantitative project leadership score and 7 facet scores.
The 7 facets provide information on your leadership, in particular, to what extent you are:
Pie Chart


Refers to the extent to which you are goal-oriented, focused and determined to accomplish tasks. If you are pragmatic you tend to be motivated by success (extrinsically rather than intrinsically) and are conscientious, organised and methodical. Your matter-of-fact and realistic stance brings common sense to what is and what is not achievable.


Refers to the extent to which you seek novel solutions to old issues and are able to identify new issues, with a natural desire to probe and tease out all possibilities. Healthily challenging the status quo tends to be your approach. Creative people have insight and are intellectually curious; open to new experiences and seek novelty.

Positive Intolerance

Refers to the extent to which you are able to make unpopular decisions in order to accomplish important goals. You feel confident about making tough decisions for the project's sake even if those decisions are difficult. A strong score on this dimension indicates you are driven by the needs of the project, rather than by popularity.


Refers to the extent to which you are able to perform well even under pressure. Stable people remain calm in most circumstances and enjoy challenging projects and tight deadlines. Stable individuals can inspire others with their calmness and consistency.


Refers to the extent to which you are able to communicate your ideas clearly and effectively to a wide audience delivering the right message at the right time in the right way to achieve the required result. Great communicators have high verbal ability and an ability to be inspirational, expressive, aligned to managing expectations.


Refers to the extent to which you are able to motivate yourself as well as others which has a positive impact upon group interaction. High scores on the motivated dimension indicates you are intrinsically motivated, passionate and optimistic about your project work which usually leads to inspiring others especially during difficult phases of the project.

Group Orientation

Refers to the extent to which you enjoy and seek to work with others, involve team members in decisions and actively look to others for feedback. High scores on the group oriented dimension indicate that you take into account the legitimate interests of all involved in the project and as research indicates, are more likely to be an effective team leader.